TAX Deduction

There are three types of Tax deduction and information are below :

  1. Sales Tax
  2. Income Tax
  3. Service Tax

Sales Tax

  • 19.5% (Almost 20%) on Each and Every Thing
  • Exemption of Sale Tax
  • Sand, Soil , Pena Flex, Medicine, Photocopies Caregiver and teacher salary, Utility Bills,

Service Tax

  • Service Tax will be apply on Labour (Mazdoori, Rent etc)
  • Service Tax will be applicable on Receipt above of 25,000 PKR only.
  • Receiving Receipt Mandatory with Signature and Date and Phone number
  • Filer 15%
  • Non Filer 30%

Income TAX

  • Income Tax Will be Applicable on receipt above of 75,000 PKR

Excluded Items:

  • Labour Payment, Daily Wages and Utility Bills

Included Items:

  • Every Purchasing, Caregiver, Teacher’s Salary etc


Summary  of TAX Calculation (NSB)

Details Percentage % Filer % Non Filer %
Sale Tax  (Every Purchasing) 20%
Income Tax        (Above 75K) 4.5% 9%
Service Tax        (Above 25K) 15% 30%



  • Filer mean Purchasing through registered Firm having NTN GST Number
  • Non Filer mean local shop and store those not registered with FBR
  • Totally exceptional Items are : Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Mobile Balance, TA/DA, Coal, Ice,
  • TA/DA must have 100% logic to justify or permission form immediate Officer.

Khizar Warsi

CEO of Warsi e Services

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